Integrate cutting-edge AI in minutes

Easiest way to productionize Large Language Models

SapienAPI converts free form user query to the format that your backend accepts, within a single API call. No infra or GPUs for you to manage, and no backend changes required.

Keep your backend.
Most large language model (LLM) solutions need you to re-design large parts of your backend. With SapienAPI, you can have the best of LLM capabilities and retain your battle-tested backend system.
Fully managed and hosted.
No need to manage models, update and customize libraries, optimize LLMs for GPUs. Just call our API, and we will do the rest.
By Devs, For Devs.
We've designed SapienAPI to be usable with any programming language (REST interface) and are integrated with FastAPI, NestJS, Shopify. Let us know what to build next!
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Use cutting-edge, explainable AI at scale

Supercharge engagement with the intelligence of AI and the knowledge of the Internet

SapienAPI goes beyond simple text completion or conversational chat offered by OpenAI and other LLM providers. We use LLMs to answer customer queries based on your website context, information from the web, and your backend API specifications.

Engage your customers with grounded references.
SapienAPI keeps your customers engaged on your website by providing relevant answers to their queries, explaining its answer and showing reference websites.
Practical at scale.
We are building SapienAPI with large Internet companies and high traffic in mind. We are constantly optimizing our models in terms of latency and compute needs to provide the best performance at a price that enables positive ROI.
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See which approach is best for your needs

OpenAI APIs vs LLM + LangChain vs SapienAPI

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Model Capabilities
Natural Language Input
Access to Web Info
Integration required
Automated prompts
Explanation & structured outputs
Product Features
Operational Model
Designed as an API plugin